Cat Tea Towel Holder


Cat Tea Towel Holder

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Come on then, who amongst us can stand there and say they have never thought that a cats bum looks perfectly like a tea towel holder? I know i cant, even though i have resisted the urge to test out the theory.

The cloth cat tea towel holder allows you to confirm the theory withouth the risk of the RSPCA turning up.

The Cloth-Cat will raise a smile every time dishes need to be dried, which is probably a first. The cat bum towel holder has a kind of classic, innocent 1950’s-ness about it, until of course you realise that you’re sticking your finger up an animals bottom!

Cloth-Cat always gets a reaction, but it’s well enough designed to slip in to the kitchen (or bathroom) environment unnoticed. The Cloth-Cat towel holder can be attached to wall using sticky pad (supplied) or screw (supplied). Available in Black or White.

This Cloth Cat is soooo popular that Jonathan Ross bigged them up on his chat show. So there.

For cat lovers, or cat haters… this is the purrrrrrfect gift!

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Black, White


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