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This Boy’s Dog Has An Extraordinary Gift, And The Bond They Share Is Lifesaving

Bringing a child into the world is exciting and life-changing. Having a baby is mentally and physically taxing, but watching that child learn and grow makes it all worthwhile. Children enjoy running around and playing sports, and physical activity is a vital part of every child’s life. Although most children enjoy a carefree life of […]

Young Girl’s Trying To Practice Flute, Instead Dog Has Internet In Laughter

This Golden Retriever is not afraid of putting in his two cents. It’s moments like these that make pet personalities really shine – and this one has a personality that will put a smile on your face. Now that this video has circulated around the internet, he has earned the nickname “grumpy dog.” And it […]

Dog ‘apologises for doing bad thing’ by hugging owner in adorable viral video

Source: Guilty dog desperately asks for forgiveness by mrazzi on Rumble A video showing a golden Labrador ‘apologising for doing a bad thing’ has captured the internet’s heart and gone viral. The cute clip shows the dog pawing and hugging at its owner as he holds him and appears to be giving him a stern […]

Even After Teens Broke His Legs And Set Him On Fire, This Little Survivor Still Loves Humans!

Sometimes terrible people do horrible things to dogs, and yet their capacity to love humans endures and it’s beyond incredible! This little dog’s name is Chunky and he was kidnapped from his owner by a group of teenagers, who then force fed him drugs, broke his neck, his legs, and even set him on fire […]

Stray cat could barely walk because of his dead leg, then angels came to his rescue

This poor stray — emaciated, covered in scars, and dragging his dead leg through the streets of Komotini, Greece — was posted on Facebook in this heart wrenching video. He could barely walk, and you can tell that he’s in dire need of help. Thankfully, Nafsika Kornilou of the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, or […]

Pup Dubbed ‘Grumpy Dog’ Is Adopted After Hilarious Photos Go Viral

Photographer Heather Haltmeyer tells media Sheldon kept jumping up and down one day when she brought her camera to work at an animal shelter. It wasn’t until then that she noticed the pup. That day, she took a picture of Sheldon, now known as “Grumpy Dog,” and posted his picture on social media. His adorable, […]

Blind dog rescued after a week lost in the mountains

A blind dog that was lost in the mountains in California was missing for more than a week before being rescued, CBS San Francisco reports. Sage, a 12-year-old Labrador, lost both eyes due to glaucoma and a recent tumor. For eight days, the family dog was alone, lost in the thick woods and steep terrain […]

Depressed Marine Thinks He Knows The Surprise, But When He Sees The Puppy, He Loses It

 Three years ago, Peter Coukoulis came home to Tallahassee, FL, after serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. Upon his return to civilian life, Coukoulis began struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Side effects of PTSD can include anxiety, depression, flashbacks, insomnia and/or isolation. The heroic 26-year-old veteran found it difficult to reconnect with normal, everyday life. After […]

Someone Just Dumped 1000 Tiny Chicks In A Field, And Left Them To Die

Last week on Friday morning, someone noticed 1000 one-day-old chicks left to die in the field near Peterborough, England. The person immediately contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and asked to save the birds. When the staff members of RSPCA arrived, they were shocked. “I have never seen anything like […]

Snowboarders were chased by a moose

Two snowboarders got a lot more than they bargained for when a moose chased them down the slopes at a resort in Wyoming. ‘Moose no like front boards,’ wrote Scott Askins under the video he uploaded to Instagram of the unfortunate encounter. The moose appeared to approach the pair from the side, before charging after […]