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Officer poses for serious portrait with K9 partner, but dog refuses to stop kissing him

Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner Kenobi in Indiana’s District 2 for the Conservation/Law Enforcement department. The two were slated to take a portrait together, and what was supposed to be serious has quickly gone viral! The Facebook post explains: “Say hello to District 2 Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner Kenobi. Levi […]

Woman feeds lonely shelter dog bacon strips. Then dog escapes and tracks her down

Source: CBC/Abbey Boyd They say sometimes animals choose the person, rather than the other way around, and this certainly seems to be the case for Abbey and her new dog Ted. The two met in January when Abbey was working her shift at the SPCA, where Ted had been brought to the day before. He […]

Amputee cat gets new bionic legs. Now watch him walk again for the first time

A cat named Pooh in Bulgaria has received a pair of bionic legs after an accident in a small village. No one is quite sure what happened to the cat, but a woman brought him into a clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, where surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov took a look at the poor cat. Zlatinov decided […]

Woman rescues cat from death row – cat can’t stop thanking her on the drive home

At Cat Rescue Newcastle, abandoned kitties get a chance to finally be adopted. Thanks to the kind support of staff members, volunteers, and foster care parents, many of these cats manage to get adopted before it’s too late. Source: Youtube Screenshot This beautiful kitty, Henry, was rescued from death row with less than a day […]

Snowboarders were chased by a moose

Two snowboarders got a lot more than they bargained for when a moose chased them down the slopes at a resort in Wyoming. ‘Moose no like front boards,’ wrote Scott Askins under the video he uploaded to Instagram of the unfortunate encounter. The moose appeared to approach the pair from the side, before charging after […]

10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

1 You know you’re not supposed to feed your dog chocolate, onions, grapes/raisins, macadamia nuts and avocados. You monitor for sensitivity to common food allergens such as meat, corn, wheat and soy. But you’re only human, and sometimes it’s hard to resist your dog’s sweet stare as he begs you with his eyes to share […]

Melton dog attack caught on CCTV

  The victim of a vicious dog attack that was caught on CCTV cameras wants irresponsible dog owners held accountable if they let their pets wander the streets off-leash. Melton resident Ryan Tempany was walking his dog Baxter at night on February 18 when two dogs attacked the seven-year-old basset hound. “I was walking home […]

Firefighter Saves Kitten After Teen ‘Doused It In Petrol And Set It Alight’

A twisted teenager has been arrested after pouring gasoline on a cat and setting the poor creature of fire. 19-year-old Noah Riley turned himself over to the authorities after seeing pictures of the badly burned cat in social media, claiming that he wanted to ‘get the issue resolved.’ Riley admitted to setting the cat on […]

Abused, 3-Pawed Dog Couldn’t Walk, Then Her New Owners Created A Custom Wagon

When most people saw Lady Cherie at the shelter in San Antonio, Texas, where she was staying, they passed her by. Her kennel had a sign reading, “Experienced handlers only,” and for good reason. The white lab mix had had a very rough life, it seemed. No one is exactly sure what happened to her, […]

Man Stops in Busy Road to Save Kitten Fallen from Car While Others Just Keep Driving

A man stopped in the middle of a busy road to rescue a tiny helpless kitten from a certain death while others just kept passing by the kitten. YouTube/Karen Apriyants A CCTV camera in Russia captured a tiny kitten fall out from a moving car in the middle of a very busy road. The kitten […]

What Happens When A Rottweiler Breeds With A West Highland Terrier?

[H/T: Daily Mail] SWNS Meet Zara (left) and Joey (right). They say opposites attract. Here to provide evidence of that is loving couple and proud parents Joey and Zara. Joey and Zara lived together, but no one realized their romance until Zara got pregnant and gave birth — to 11 babies. We should also mention that […]


Have You Seen The Biggest Dog In The World? In case you haven’t noticed, the popularity of pint-sized pooches continues to rise. But while chihuahuas and yorkies are totally adorable and can easily fit into your handbag or carry-on, there’s just something majestic about BIG dogs. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest dog breeds […]

Rude Man Almost Lets His Dog Eat A Poor Kitten, But Mamma Knows How To Handle It!!

When humans fail, animals don’t — How could this man be so cruel to helpless little kitten!?, however this mother cat is a hero, she saves the day in the most heroic way! So glad the mama kitty was there! Proud of mom cat to take care of her babies!! As you’ll see, mother lunges forward in a incredible […]

How One Adorable Puppy Went From Dying Alone To Becoming An Inspirational Facebook Star

It’s never easy to see an animal in bad shape. They’re inherently innocent, so seeing them abused or neglected is truly heartbreaking. When it comes to dogs, those expressive eyes can’t seem to hide any of the tough times they’ve gone through. They don’t call them “puppy dog eyes” for nothing. They can hold so […]

A Woman Spent $500 On Surgery For Her Goldfish After It Choked On A Pebble

Vets in Brisbane, Australia, said a 21-year-old came in with a fishy problem after her goldfish accidentally swallowed a pebble. The Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services center ran a physical exam on the fish, whose name is Conquer, and determined that a single, black pebble was lodged in the back of his throat. Conquer […]

The Best Way to Take A Loan

1. Understand your preferences Before heading to your bank, check out loan packages online and see what competitors are offering. You need to be aware of what kind of loan you are looking for, debt consolidation organizations or mortgages loan never easy to see an animal in bad shape. They’re inherently innocent, so seeing them abused […]