How to Remove Dog and Cat Hair from Clothes and Upholstery

If you’re anything like me, you love your animals but could do without explosions of fur on your couch and bedding. But alas, just like Fido is forever in your heart, his fur is likely irrevocably intertwined into every fiber of every piece of clothing in your house. Aside from encouraging you to opt for a dog or cat with minimal shedding, we have compiled a list of products and homemade solutions to aid you in the battle for your sanity. Make no mistake: The battle is epic, and all good warriors should be adequately prepared.

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Homemade remedies

Dryer sheets: In addition to the many uses for dryer sheets listed here, the sheets work wonders for removing pet hair from furniture and clothing. Simply take a dryer sheet, rub it on the affected surface and the hair will come right up.

Balloons: Most school-aged children know how to rub a balloon on hairto generate static electricity. This return to fourth-grade science class can actually help pet owners lift hair out of carpeting or upholstery. Just rub a balloon over the pet hair, and the balloon will pick up the mess.

Products for fur removal

  • Fur Be Gone broom: Most brooms just rub pet hair around on the floor or push the fur into the darkest corner of the room until the pile starts to resemble a tiny poodle. But the Fur Be Gone broom uses rubber bristles to generate electricity which can lift the fur from every surface imaginable in one quick sweep.
  • Hoover Pet Rewind Plus: The topic of the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners is a topic of rigorous online debate, because a good vacuum is a must when it comes to cleaning up wisps of Fluffy all over the house. But as pet owners know, not all vacuum cleaners are able to adequately clean pet hair. Although many companies have begun to offer pet hair attachments, the vacuum with the best reviews overall is the Hoover Pet Rewind Plus because it was made specifically to clean pet hair including rubber bristles that create static for easier pick up.
  • Scotchbrite Pet Hair Removal systems: Even with a high-powered vacuum, pet hair still finds car upholstery and clothing. Scotchbrite offers a system of handheld pet hair removal systems that use sticky surfaces to pull hair off of clothing and furniture.

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Products for prevention

FURminator: The FURminator is a special brush that effectively removes an animal’s undercoat and loose fur which can reduce the total amount of shedding in your home by 90%. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for different animals, available at Petco.

Espree Natural Simple Shed Treatment for dogs and cats: While there are wonderful multi-purpose pet shampoos, Espree Simple Shed Treatment helps animals release their undercoat and loose hair which also reduces overall shedding. The shampoo uses natural oatmeal and aloe extracts, so it is very gentle on animals of all types and ages.

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